FAQ Sell My Tech

Find out how the Sell My Tech system works. How much you can expect for your old Laptop, Mobile or Tablet and how soon you will get your money.

Getting a quote is easy, just select Laptop, Mobile or Tablet from the menu above and enter the details we need about your tech.

We don't need a massive about of information, just the basics. Once complete, hit the 'Get A Quote' button and you will instantly be given a quote for your Laptop, Mobile or Tablet based on the information provided.
Once you have received your instant quote for your old tech, all you have to do is hit the 'Accept This QUote' button below the price given.

Don't worry if you want to think a while about this quote as the link will also be emailed to you for approval within 7 days.

Once you have approved your quote, it get added to the My Quotes Area on the website where you can add other items too if you wish.

When your ready, just hit the Send My Tech button and a postage label will be generated for you.

NB: You will need to print this out and attatch it to the box.
Once you have approved a quote, you will be presented with a postage label which you need to print out and attach to a suitable sizeed box.

Then, simply take this box along to your nearest Post Office and hand it to them over the counter.

Need to have us collect from your door or don't have a printer?
We can do this too. Just select this option when Approving a quote and tell us the days and times, along with the address where the items can be collected from.

The cost of collecting from your door will be deducted from your Pay Out.
The simply answer is th very same day we receive yourr Tech back at our facility.
The price we have given you on line and sent you via email is guarenteed for 7 days only.

Should your Tech not be sent straight away or arrive after 7 days of the quote, Sell My Tech reseve the right to recalculate the value and pay you accordingly.
Sell My Tech can pay you directly intoo your bank account or via PayPal.

You tell us how you want to be paid when you accept your quote.