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Answer a few questions about the Laptop you want to sell. We don't need much information about your Laptop, just the basics will be fine.

Put your Laptop in a box

If you are happy with the price we have quoted, just put the Laptop you want to sell in a box along with all accessories. Attach the postage label, then book a royal mail or courier service and either drop it off at your local post office or wait for our courier to collect.

Same Day Payout

Once the Laptop you want to sell reaches us, we will check it matches the details that you have given and then pay you the very same day.

Bank or PayPal

We will pay you for your Laptop either directly into your bank account or via PayPal, whatever you prefer.

No Postage Charges

We will pay your postage charges for the Laptop you want to send. This will be added onto the end of your payout.

About Your Laptop

You need to answer a few questions so we know more about the Laptop you want to sell to Sell My Tech.